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Our Work

There are videos below that appear to be the same!  The first one is very short!  The next one includes the short version to start and continues with various clips of my sculpture process. On this entire page we will continue to add videos of what I am working on at the moment! In the meantime, please enjoy the following and learn and admire!!


Arizona Fine Art Expo

"Grandfather Speaks" is one of my Masterpiece Collection!  It has found its way into a collector's fabulous location but here it was on display at the Arizona Fine Art Expo!  The zoom-in display of photography shows you the very intricate detail I strive to accomplish in every stone I carve.


Our Show Video!!

Here is a LONG video of many connected videos of various stages of carving and events at our various shows!  If you want, you can learn enough how to do this and go home and make your own!!  

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